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one more week

Congrats to you Seahawks fans,


for your first Super Bowl victory!


Now that the football season is over... 


Is it really over?


Not just yet, at least to me.


We still got Pro Bowl.


I know most of you don't care what happens after the Super Bowl


but it's a big deal to me.


I went to watch the game every year while I lived in Hawaii.


It was the only live NFL action I could get there.


pro bowl.jpeg


So, one more week.

When I Miss Hawaii

I lived in Honolulu for about 10 years

and one of the reason why I moved to LA

is I got too bored of always-summer-Tshirt-all-year-round weather.


I'd rather be in -15/5 freezing than 40/104 scorching.


But still, this is the time I miss living in Hawaii the most.




2013 is almost over.

Niners lost the Super Bowl, Yankees didn't even make the playoffs and Miami Heat won the championship, again.

It was a frustrating year.


I've been thinking what my new year's resolution would be and watching all these athletes made me realize.


Mine is start working out.


Go me! Just do it!


What's yours?


Have a happy new year!



We clean the whole house at the end of the year.

It's a Japanese custom.



So we've been finding time to clean the whole shop since last week.

I helped my boss clean the vent the other night.

He was all drenched in oil, it was some sight!



Result of 2 hours of our overtime!

Well worth it!



But next time, let's do it when the temperature is higher, Mori san!


A shop we buy our vegetables from, gave us a box of mandarins

as Oseibo(a year-end gift.)





Thank you Asanaka san!

Hawaiian Local Beer

We offer Asahi beer and alcohol-free beer,


but we got 3 kinds of Hawaiian local beer too!


Big Wave, Longboard and Fire Rock.


Big Wave is light and fruity, Fire Rock for dark and heavier taste.


I personally prefer Longboard.


Kind of reminds me of Sam Adams.


Try them!



Surprise Party

Honten's (1st store's) manager,


Aki got married on last Saturday,


so we've held a surprise party for her, after we closed the shop


on Monday prior to that. 


Well, we made her cry by singing acapella chorus!


Mission accomplished !!


Congrats to you Aki san, 


best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness!!



Our vegetable of the month is pumpkin


with mayo dressing.


Sweet and tasty.


Come and taste it before it's gone!


Oh, only @ Honten (1st store),


not @ Parco store, sorry.



Hi! I'm Jun!


I'm Jun, a new staff.


Lived in Honlulu, LA and New York

for 20 years.

Likes sports and food.

Please say hi when you swing by!



staff JUN
20 年間ホノルル、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨークで暮らしてました。スポーツと食べ物が好きです。気軽に声をかけてね!


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