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2017年3月 6日アーカイブ

After 15 Years

On February 28th, Yummy Parco store has closed its door for good. 


I'd like to clarify that this is not because business wasn't doing good. Actually, we were one of the busiest restaurant there, but things don't always go as you hope. 


I worked at Honten only until last summer so I knew just a few Parco staff before. But since then, I got to know every single one of them and I had such a fun experience.


Most of them chose to go their separate ways and I wish everyone the best of luck! 


To our valued customers, on behalf of all Yummy staff, I'd like to thank you for 15 years of your patronage. Honten is always open so please stop by if you miss Hawaiian BBQ! 






staff JUN
20 年間ホノルル、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨークで暮らしてました。スポーツと食べ物が好きです。気軽に声をかけてね!


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