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jun: 2014年8月アーカイブ

What a Miracle!

My folks live in Kobe, Hyogo pref.


One day my mom excitedly texted me, saying she was on a train and overheard a conversation between three college boys.


"You gotta go to Yummy if you're going to Nagoya"


"Other suggestions?"


"Nah, you absolutely gotta go to Yummy"


Can you believe that?


Nagoya has its own unique cuisine, like misokatsu, hitsumabushi, misonikomi. But this guy recommended his friend to go to Yummy instead. Then, of all people, my mother heard it in a city that's 3 hours of freeway drive  away from Nagoya!


What a miracle! Unreal!


The news made us all happy!


Let me just say this,"we are waiting for you, or did you enjoy our food already?"





staff JUN
20 年間ホノルル、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨークで暮らしてました。スポーツと食べ物が好きです。気軽に声をかけてね!


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