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To Be Continued

This is a follow up.


I've told you about how we're supporting my co-worker's son's school project. All students have been collecting Bell Marks.


cf. Bell Mark


Hitomi san received a letter from her son's school.



The letter says that by using 30,000 of collected points, all students are taking a special gym class, to make them run faster.


Good for them! I remember how important it is for elementary school students to run fast.


Then, she received this personal thank you letter from a PTA staff who's in charge of Bell Mark project.



I guess we've been a huge contributer. It's nice to be appreciated.


We'll keep on doing this, so you keep on eating sprouts!


Goose Bumps

フライデー.JPGOn a Friday night after Christmas, a guy from Osaka came to the store just to have our Friday Special, is what my co-worker Akko san told me.


She told me that a lady came in. It seemed she was waiting for someone. After a little while a guy came in and ordered Friday Special for two.


They finished dinner and chatted. Finally it became closing time so she had to tell them that.


That's when the lady told her that the man finished his work in Osaka at 6, drove three hours to us, and now he's driving back to Osaka!


She recognized them. She remembered the conversation they had when the two came for the first time. It was only a short time ago.


The lady lives in Nagoya but the man came from Osaka. They want to have Friday Special, too bad it wasn't Friday, so they'll be back.


Well, they did!


My jaw dropped when I heard the story, and filled with mixed emotions. Happy, amazed, humbled, but mostly I felt awed.


I still can't figure out what I want to/should say, so, for now, I say we really appreciate your extreme patronage, hope to see you again soon!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


staff JUN
20 年間ホノルル、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨークで暮らしてました。スポーツと食べ物が好きです。気軽に声をかけてね!


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